Chelseanacht 2019

DKMU commemorative rite and coordinated group ritual invoking the Godforms
participant Theodbald, l'Hermite

Preliminary Remarks

I've been hanging out with the DKMU and DeathByLollipop since 2010 and not once have I ever been able to invoke with Conjunctio. In the two major group godform cycles, in 2013 I kind of skimmed over it and in 2015 - despite my good intentions - I completely forgot. But now in 2019 for Chelseanacht they wanted all Godforms to be invoked and they had this checklist and when I got to seeing it, only Conjunctio was still unchecked. Just like that, three days before the rite, I volunteered to do something I was never able to do before. The die was cast.

The Enthusiasm

Would you believe the next day I volunteered to make a compilation of everyone who participated and wanted their ritual experiece to be compiled in a collective journal. Now I *have to* do this, and write about it! Honestly, at this point, I had no idea where I was going.

The Dream

Worthy of note, on the night of the 16th to the 17th, I was saved by a dream. Indeed, I dreamed of Conjunctio. Essentially, it was a disembodied voice invoking Conjunctio, many words of which I was able to remember. Then, perhaps, was my own internal dialogue linking Conjunctio with Andrew Chumbley's QUTUB and Aleister Crowley's ARARITA. I saw some strange 4D-ish image of the Ellis Network with Conjunctio as the simultaneous Crossroads of all Ellisian nodes.

The Happenning

I finish work at 11pm. At this point I have no idea of what I will be doing, save a vague recollection of last night's dream. Why not have some music to get in the mood, eh? Dr. Tropikal seems the logical first choice and the songs line up: Wizard Blues, American Wizard Cult, To Bridge the Infinite. As for the material setup: I don the old "discordian labcoat" and find my old DKMU worksheets, put them up on my luterein. Ever since I've worked with the DKMU, I've used this sphere of rutilated quartz, so it got its place on a pedestal right in front of me. And I need incense, right? I bring about my incense pedestal and light the charcoal. And candles too, one tealight in my hanging sanctuary lamp, and my "hearth flame" used exclusively for magical purposes. I change my lighting to red. I'm ready to begin.

I remembered reading somewhere that Conjunctio is the sum total of all the DKMU godforms. So my intention was to take my DKMU invocation papers and invoke them all one by one and then let the wave take me unto the invocation of Conjunctio. At this point some psytrance remix of Rick And Morty is playing. Of course, I'm about to hop dimensions. Turn off the music, take a deep breath.

Pause. The Transvocation of Khaos. I have to. It's what I always start my DKMU rites with. A massive amount of benzoin on my charcoal, smoking up the room. I concentrate heavily on the Nameless Seal. Here goes.

I am now ready to open the gates. I start adding much copal to the charcoal, the room is in smoky red mist. Musical triangle in hand to punctuate, I invoke loudly and wildly. I let myself go completely, though I don't have time to dwell in any of the godforms' dimensions for very long. No godform goes unnoticed, as each one slams its imprint on my soul like a guttenberg printing press. I stride confidently, opening all the gates, letting it all in. I'm having a party on the LS web and everyone's invited!

The Climax

Dizzy, heart pounding, I take one step further, one step higher, I greet Conjunctio...

Hear me as I travel forth
O Conjunctio, Center of ALL!
I have crossed the Perimeter
which is nowhere
And I have entered the Center
which is everywhere
All doors open unto thy Paths
All paths lead unto the Center
Everywhere I go - HERE I AM!
And upon the Unity of the Worlds
May the MARK be drawn!

I felt like in my dream. I was in an eternal place-moment of the conjunction of all into one. From my perspective, the Linking Sigil had always ever been etched on exactly the same spot. It was a freaky feeling, not unlike many I've had before, but quite unique in itself. I know and knew that indeed, I had visited Conjunctio. From having seen the world from this perspective, my mind will never be the same.

The Departure

One thing was for sure: I couldn't exit that temple-space without being completely bonkers; I had to come down from this trip. I put olibanum on the charcoal. Aafter all the gates opened and the paths I had taken, I decided to walk them backwards, back into the mundane:

Conjunctio, I thank thee
I take a step back.
Enu and Nul, I thank thee both,
I take a step back.
Red King, I thank thee
I take a step back.
Ole Zalty, I thank thee
I take a step back.
Trigag, I bid thee farewell
I take a step back.
White Queen, I thank thee
I take a step back.
Doombringer, I thank thee
I take a step back.
Ellis, I thank thee
I take a step back.
I now temporarily close the Gate


I feel much more normal, now. Already I miss feeling so tall, and my vision - my eyes are still looking at the same objects in the same room, but everything is so visually monotonous compared to a few moments ago.

I change the lighting to a soft violet, put on some music again. Peter Nooken & Michael Brook: the songs Finally and Searching. The third song comes randomly, something I've never heard before, as if a message from beyond. Cigarettes after Sex - Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby.

An apt finale to a psychially thunderous ritual.

Exiting the temple space, my girlfriend's cat looks at me, and meows.