DKMU celebratory ritual for the oncoming of Doombringer in the Assault on Reality
by Frater Theodbald


For a few months I had been aspiring to this date, I was hoping to have a lot of free time to, as Ellis D. Williams had put it, "seriously shit forth all of [my] magical ability." Life caught up and had a limited time to actually perform the said ritual. What follows is a lot of good intentions that ended up in a more humble ritual.


The ritual was performed on July 17th 2014, from mid to late afternoon. As such, I believe it was a bit off - early by 5 to 10 hours - of the rest of the DKMU community's rituals.


If you're not familiar with any of this enough to know what I'm doing, then to have a grasp of what is being said, it is important to read the The Oistar Guide, which briefly explains what Chelseanacht (The Chelsea Working) is and then visit The DKMU website for more in-depth details. Somewhere on that site is an e-book and stuff.


Prefering to wing it, to leave room for the spontaneous, I invested zero time in writing up a formal ceremonial procedure, complete with evocations, invocations, transvocations and the like. I turned on my computer and wrote the operation as I was performing the rite. They style of writing came out to be quite brief and laconic - indeed my mood was comparable to a vegetable on that day.


Ate very little today.

Cleaned up my whole appartment.

Shaved and took a shower.

Went and fetched a few items that might be useful. The twin black and white candles I used for "the twins" in the Marathon of Evocations in 2013. Also, I got the rutilated smokey quartz that has always been present in my DKMU workings. My ritual whiskey.

I'm putting on dark industrial music. A7IE, for starting. Wumpscut. Panic Lift. I, Parasite.

Had two beers, to give me a time of contemplation. Reading exerpts from "The Assault on Reality" to put me in the mood. Thinking about what to do and how to do it. Still inspired by the challenge, "seriously shit forth all of your magical ability." The beer is helping, though I'm still contemplative. I'll be drinking another beer.

At this point, I'm expecting the actual "magical moment" to be quite brief.

I will use the Doombringer invocation from the manual of the strange psyche.

My purpose will be to create an explosion with a "cloud of magic" which would radiate and spread within the city. It's important, I think, to retain the "assault on reality" objective: "accelerated progression of consciousness in humanity as a whole", i.e. in as many individuals as possible. Hence a cloud of "magick" that will spread like a metaphysical fog in the city.

I will use myself as a channel. Invoke a Doombringer "energy" and then let it go; let it run loose. Let it go crazy. May it positively infect the whole city. This also means I will have to go enchant the cross on mount royal. I'll see about that later.

First, a third beer. The preperation is comming on its way.

Just lit the sanctuary lamp. The Temple is Open. Will put on the Discordian Lab Coat now. It's just now started to rain.

Will be using the Stellar Ritual of the Pentagram for a first banishing. Beer is halfway down. The music is still on. I found and animated GIF of the DB sigil. Will be using that. The posts on the FB group are intensifying - someone just posted another excellent rendition of the DB sigil.

"Opening the Gantes of Hell" by Wumpscut is starting. One more gulp of beer and I go perform the SRP.

Ritual sobered me up. I lit the white candle. Next step - another SRP and then lighting the black candle.

The black candle has been lit. I don't think it will last long. I am still sobering up, despite having taken a few more sips of beer. One more banishing ritual (SRP), and I light the candle of Magic. Then, after that, I start the Doombringer invocation(s) ... and the energy work. We'll see what happens.

I go.


The ritual is done. There were long moments of chanting, evocations. I chanted the Doombringer mantra until I felt it inside me... then I kicked it out. To roam the city and spread its influence. The candles have been put out. There is nothing left but darkness. And a Sigil, and an energy that roams. May its influence be felt throughout the city.

Interesting coincidence, it was posted right after I finished sending out the Doombringer to spread its consciousness of itself throughout the city, I saw the 'veil' representation being reposted in the DKMU BF group. I quickly went back to my room, found the antique key that my grandmother had given me, and mounted it on a cord, put it around my neck. My third and last beer is finished, now.

It's time for me to go and have some poutine. Though at some point I feel that this state of mind will make things difficult. Maybe I should just go to the grocery store and cook food myself. Actually, I think that would be best.

Coming down from this 'magical trip' will be quite difficult.

The industrial music is still playing. I'll put away everything...

Final Remarks

On hindsight, I didn't "shit forth" all my magical ability; rather, I made an opening within myself for an energy to invade me. Then I shot that forth. It may be cruel, in some sense. But then again, there is never enough of always more magic.